Bounce rate

The bounce rate can be defined as the proportion of visitors to a website page or site that exit after visiting a single page only, usually expressed as a percentage. Where is bounce rate reported in Google Analytics...

Paid digital media

In traditional media we think of paid ads as a way to grow awareness via broadcast TV, print and outdoor ads. Online, we have the equivalent of these options via banner and video ads. Additionally, individual targeting...

Customer persona

5 types of personas to consider creating plus examples Personas are a great way to create more customer-centred communications which better engage audiences with communications, both on a website, and beyond. My brief...

Customer engagement strategy

A strategy to encourage interaction and participation of consumers with a brand through developing content and experiences with the aim of meeting commercial objectives. It is closely related to the development of...

Customer acquisition plan

A customer acquisition plan defines the investment in marketing activities and resources to meet your goals of customer acquisition volume within a defined budget giving an allowable-cost-per-acqusition.

Budgeting for marketing

Creating a budget for marketing activities will cover different timescale and objectives, for example an annual budget, a campaign budget, a country budget, a product budget or a channel budget for always-on marketing.

Competitor analysis

Online competitor analysis should compare how the brand and marketing mix is communicated, for example brand positioning, product features and pricing. It should also review marketing campaign and always-on budgeting.

Content audit

A structured review of the effectiveness of different content types and formats to meet the needs of users and the businesses using quantitative and qualitative techniques. We recommend using the Content Optimization...

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