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Recommended resources to support lecturers and students for digital marketing courses

If you have bought or have adopted Dave’s books for your courses and teaching – thank you. I hope you’ve found them helpful and inspiring!

This resource links to my recommendations for lecturers and students resources such as my latest books, slides, statistics and videos to support teaching and learning.

Some of these articles are from the Smart Insights blog which gives more detail on the latest developments in digital marketing, digital business and e-commerce that may not yet be available in the books. The updates then feed into future editions of the books.

Publisher resources for the latest editions of Dave’s books co-authored with colleagues

Since my books have been through multiple editions, if you want the latest, please check the latest edition of Dave Chaffey’s books.

Pearson education support site

If you’re a lecturer or student, the Pearson site gives access to lecturers’ materials and examination copies for the different books. These include Powerpoints and Instructors Manuals for lecturers who register:

Routledge support site

Downloadable slides on Slideshare

My latest Powerpoint presentations on digital marketing can also be downloaded from Slideshare (open-access). See also the Smart Insights Slideshare.

Using Generative AI like ChatGPT to support marketing students and Professionals

This article Activity: Introducing the options for using Generative AI tools to support digital marketing – is aimed at encouraging critical thinking amongst students and marketers when using AI tools given that many are now using these tools for marketing as evidenced by the research from Smart Insights featured in the post.


The coverage of lead-scoring vs lead-grading uses a different convention to the standard A1-D4. Apologies. View the correct version of the visual.

Useful links and digital marketing statistics sources

50 recommended links for students – grouped by Chapter in Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice.

Useful links for digital marketing students

Recommended sources for students to access quality statistics on consumer and business adoption are recommended in the chapters on situation analysis in our books. They’re provided online for convenience for readers:


These explainer videos from Dave Chaffey explain key concepts in digital marketing using figures from our Digital Marketing: Strategy and Implementation book. They are aimed to supplement lectures on digital marketing.

The latest video is embeddded at the end of my article covering my take on Digital marketing trends for 2024.

YouTube explainers for digital marketing students

A small selection of YouTube videos to show how technology changes consumer behaviour.

Search marketing

Social media marketing

Online advertising


Sources for campaign examples and digital creative

These examples can be used to discuss the communications goals of campaigns and how they are implemented to target online audiences and encourage interaction and purchase.

What is Smart Insights?

I’m co-founder of Smart Insights, a marketing skills development platform with customers in more than 120 countries. Smart Insights is a freemium platform with some free digital marketing templates and guides on digital marketing trends available to free members.

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Smart Insights help their members improve their digital marketing skills and businesses improve their return on digital marketing via access to their educational platform offering best practices templates, guides, market insights and e-learning – review Smart Insights premium membership benefits.


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