Customer engagement strategy

A strategy to encourage interaction and participation of consumers with a brand through developing content and experiences with the aim of meeting commercial objectives. It is closely related to the development of content marketing and social media strategy.

How to increase website engagement?

For me, regardless of the type of site, increasing engagement starts with measurement. For example, most social and search fuelled online publishers are challenged by high bounce rates and low dwell times from first-time visits and low repeat-visit hurdle rates.

To move the needle on these KPIs you have to think of your brand value proposition to increase dwell-times and repeat visits. The practical pillars of engagement are Relevance, Value and Return-channels.

Relevance can be achieved through an effective related-posts plug-in to show the ‘next-best content’. Value through defining regular daily/weekly/monthly features that are so valuable that they become part of the routine of your audience. For example, Smart Insights have a Friday round-up and monthly What’s Hot of the latest in digital marketing which we share through our Return-channels i.e. Email and Social push.

Conversion to email subs and social follows are another KPI which should be optimized by interruptive/high-impact formats using context wherever possible, i.e. offering specific value to different personas.

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