Digital marketing plan structure

A digital markmarketing plan is typically an annual plan defining improvements to digital marketing, usually including a digital marketing strategy. It can also be related to a longer digital transformation plan.

The guides and examples for creating a digital marketing plan we have created at Smart Insights are based on a structure combining PR Smith’s SOSTAC(R) and Smart Insights RACE Planning.

We’re often asked how the two fit together best.

SOSTAC(R) gives the best overall structure which can be applied to any form of marketing or business plan, i.e.

  • Situation analysis
  • Objective setting
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Action
  • Control

RACE is specific to communications activities, especially those for digital marketing. It stands for:

  • Plan
  • Reach
  • Act
  • Convert
  • Engage

So, within the overall plan structure, you can review each of RACE within the situation, then each withing Objective setting and so on. Within our example plans we show how tables can be used to integrate these sections for a one-page summary.

About Smart Insights

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