Social media intelligence

Given the importance of social media in shaping how brands are perceived and their future success, using social listening to monitor the interests and opinions of consumers is a common practice. However, in our experience, the insights from social media listening are often not fully utilized across the business, since they are restricted to one silo within marketing. 

Social media intelligence and Conversational intelligence have emerged as an important category of business and marketing technology in recognition of the need to share insights, integrate data sources and apply intelligence to surface the most relevant insights. 

Definition: Social media intelligence and conversational intelligence 

Approaches to leveraging the consumer insight available in social media and other sales, marketing and customer service interactions to inform both real-time response to conversations around brands and strategic developments to brand communications and new product development.

Conversational intelligence part of the trend to Conservation or Conversational Marketing identified by Gartner to support dialogue and interactions between consumers and businesses throughout the customer lifecycle. Gartner explains that:

Conversational marketing technologies enable interactions between companies and customers that mimic human dialogue and do so at scale. They employ persistent, session-based, cross-channel exchanges in the form of natural language dialogue, using a blend of text and audio.

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