Using ChatGPT for marketing

I’ve been advising on digital marketing and new innovations for over 25 years, so you can become cynical about new innovations no matter how much you like the subject. Many innovations simply aren’t going to make a difference. But I feel differently about ChatGPT, am genuinely excited by it, since I think it will be a disruptive technology in marketing and beyond. It can potentially be used by all marketers as a learning and creative development tool and I know I will use it myself. The reason I will use it, is that it provides a new way of supporting my learning and writing which is entirely different to my current model of using Google to learn and write.

Having tested ChatGPT, I believe it will spark mainstream adoption of AI amongst marketers, since it will be used as a practical tool to support creative development to help marketers working on search, email and social media marketing.

I won’t explain the technology behind ChatGPT, but if you’re looking for an introduction, I recommend this overview of ChatGPT from Search Engine Journal. In essence, it is a free (for now) conversational SaaS AI chatbot that understands the intent of complex, specific questions and potentially produces human-quality responses.

You can read more in my article: How to use ChatGPT for marketing


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