Website personalization

You’ll know that Amazon’s personalization was some of first used on the web, but today, personalization is an option that is available to all types of business websites, although retailer personalization is still tends to be the most sophisticated. Other types of business can recommend ‘next-best content’ rather than ‘next best product’.

We define website personalization as:

“The dynamic serving of customized content, product or promotional offer recommendations to website visitors or app users based on their characteristics and intent behaviour to support conversion and long-term engagement goals”.

Personalization involves identifying different audience segments and then delivering more relevant content.

Common segments that are used for rules-based or automated Artificial Intelligence-based personalization. For example:

  • First time or returning visitors
  • Visitors from a different country
  • Visitors who have viewed a product category or a product, or added it to their basket
  • Visitors who have viewed a content asset
  • Visitors using a specific device
  • Visitors demographic data
  • Previous purchasers

Smart Insights listing of website personalization providers

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