Landing page

A landing page is any entrance page to a website where a visitor arrives after they click on an ad or other form of link from a referring site or an offline campaign.

It can be a home page but is often a page deeper within the site with the messaging focused on an offer featured in an ad or another site.

Types of landing page

There are many types of landing pages as shown by this visual including these types and examples:

  • Home page – the main page typically indicated by ‘/’ in analytics
  • Category page – a grouping of related product pages
  • Product page – details about a single product or service
  • Blog page – a news page or feature article
  • Dedicated independent landing page – a page specifically designed to increase response to visits from paid media
  • Utility page – About or Contact Us

All websites have landing pages which are the entry points where visitors arrive as shown in the Landing page report in Google Analytics:

There are two main types of landing pages which need to be optimized.

1. Standard pages such as category, product, and home pages

For some marketing campaigns you may already have good quality landing pages on your website that can be used to avoid spending time and money creating new pages.

2. Dedicated landing pages for a specific traffic source

This type of campaign landing page is often what companies that use their website for lead generation refer to when they discuss landing pages.

Often, digital marketers don’t have an existing web page that satisfies the unique requirements of a marketing campaign. For example, they may be targeting an audience segment for which additional content and different calls to action are required. In this case, they will design and build a bespoke landing page to give them a better chance of converting visitors.


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