Digital marketing audit

A digital marketing audit is an evaluation of the contribution and effectiveness of digital marketing for a business.

It should include assessment of these factors with the analyst answering these questions

  • Performance – Do you have a dashboard to report performance? Can you break down performance by channel standardised using Analytics UTM tracking to track email marketing for example?
  • Marketplace analysis – Who are your target customers? Have you defined personas? What is your success in reaching and converting them? Benchmarking visits and where possible conversions against competitors?
  • Objectives – Do you set forecasts for generating visits leads and sales based on conversion funnel models (also available to members).
  • Capabilities – these include your team – who is responsible for digital marketing – internal staff and agencies? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are there any training gaps? This also includes marketing technology and tools which we cover in our essential marketing tools download.
  • Strategies – Is there a strategy in place? How does your brand positioning compare to competitors? What is our define

We recommend using the Smart Insights RACE digital marketing audit structure because this covers both strategy, communications and the full customer lifecycle.

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