Content marketing

I see content marketing as one of the five key drivers of marketing as explained in this simple definition of digital marketing. It is the quality and type of content that is essential to the success of different digital media, messaging and experiences.

Joe Pulizzi, author of “Get Content, Get Customers” and founder of the Content Marketing Institute is hard to beat. He defines content marketing as:

“How a brand creates, delivers and governs original or curated content to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand as a credible expert and, ultimately, motivating a change in behaviour”

I define content marketing simply as

“Managing content as an asset to achieve marketing goals of reaching, converting and engaging target audiences”.

This visual, commonly shared at the time shows the need to get the balance right.

Success factors for content marketing include:

  • Agreeing a content marketing strategy
  • Dedicated resources to use content marketing for campaigns and always-on marketing (to create sufficient quality to get cut-through)
  • Metrics and KPIs for measuring content marketing effectiveness and ROI

Key content marketing activities are:

  • Defining your content marketing KPIs
  • Mapping content types to target customer personas
  • Managing a content marketing hub
  • Creating a budget for content distribution
  • Creating an editorial plan for types of content to share via the hub and social media
  • Defining guidelines for brand tone-of-voice for content consistency


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