Core Web Vitals

This jargon was introduced by Google in 2020 to provide businesses with a set of KPIs they could use to measure user experience focusing on aspects of web usability such as load time, interactivity, and the stability of content as it loads.

Google wants to provide its searchers with sites that load fast and provide relevant information or transactions, it does this by assessing a series of measures.

Core Web Vital measures are combined with Google’s pre-existing Search signals for page experience, including mobile-friendlinesssafe-browsingHTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines. The main core web vitals are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint or LCP refers to your page loading performance
  • The First Input Delay or FID is the responsiveness of your webpage. This metric measures the time between a user’s first interaction with the page and when the browser can respond to that interaction.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift refers to the frequency of unexpected layout changes as the page loads and a web page’s overall visual stability. This can be a problem if a button position shifts.


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