Content curation

Content curation involves creating new content from existing content, it is a form of content repurposing.

A popular approach is to create a blog post, article or infographic from other sources. The process of curation or aggregating information from different sources can add value to different sources by providing them in a single place.

Examples of content marketing curation we use at Smart Insights include:

  • Collating statistics from different sources into a blog post to provide a range of benchmarks for different situations
  • Creating an infographic from different statistics
  • Collating news about digital platform developments into a monthly summary
  • Creating a blog post about digital marketing trends from different experts

Curation has the advantage that it can be relatively quick compared to creating original content and potentially more valuable to the audience and you. Some of our curated content posts have naturally attracted links as a reference source, been ranked highly by Google and so become Evergreen content that can attract tens of thousands of visits a month (from one article!)


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