New LinkedIn feature: Lookalike targeting and audience template

An important update if you can make the case for ad budget for LinkedIn. I know many can’t at the cost-per-click caused by bidding. This major update to the LinkedIn ad offering has three features:

  • Lookalike audiences
  • Audience templates (target a pre-defined group like ‘Marketing professionals’)
  • Interest-based targeting

Brief analysis and implications for marketers

This significant update is aimed at building-out advertising capabilities in LinkedIn to make them similar to Facebook and Google which also offer lookalike audiences based on uploading customer or prospect data. I’d imagine that for B2B, the effectiveness of this technique would be sector and audience specific and something for marketers to test once they are established in standard demographic targeting based on individual role and company characteristics.

They also offer simplifying targeting based on grouping audiences. Again, I would caution using this approach to target groups like ‘IT decision makers’ or ‘marketing specialists’. I believe more granular targeting based on company type, role and age would give improved targeting and better ROI.

Platform: LinkedIn

Importance to marketers: 5

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