Online revenue model for digital businesses

An online revenue model describes the method(s) of monetisation used for businesses to generate revenue online.

It’s particularly relevant to publishers who may consider different forms of ad revenue. These first eight of these are relevant to publishers, the last two are more classic e-commerce business models.

See my more detailed article explaining these 10 online revenue models :

  • 1. Revenue from subscription access to content (often using a freemium business model approach)
  • 2. Revenue from Pay Per View access to documents
  • 3. Revenue from CPM display advertising on site
  • 4. Revenue from CPC advertising on site (pay per click text ads)
  • 5. Revenue from Sponsorship of site sections or content types (typically fixed fee for a period)
  • 6. Affiliate revenue (CPA, but could be CPC)
  • 7. Subscriber data access for e-mail marketing
  • 8. Access to customers for online research
  • 9. Online e-commerce sales transactions
  • 10. Online digital service subscriptions

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