iOS apps for blind iPhone users

There are few dedicated apps I know of from my work in helping visually impaired and unsighted people for AbilityNet. Working with a man with complete sight loss has introduced me to a few apps which I’m recording here to share and for reference for the future. Please let me know of any others you have found useful.

1.  LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial

A great starting point for blind users to learn Voiceover due to the simplicity of the app and Voiceover can be used to read the tutorial. The first tutorials step visitors through gestures on the iPhone plus there are some simple games.



2. Seeing AI

Billed as a ‘Talking Camera’ for the Blind, this is a powerful app which uses the iPhone camera to read printed material – that’s the main value for an unsighted person.

It also has some ‘fun features’ to describe a person or room.
Usability can be a challenge and it can drain the battery, so explain that it should be closed after use to ensure the light is switched off.

3. Soundscape

Also from Microsoft, this app is for when blind users are ‘out-and-about’. It gives audio feedback on the surroundings based on known features as you would find in a mapping app.

‘Markers’ and ‘Beacons’ can be placed for reference.



4. Easyreader 

Billed as ‘EasyReader is a FREE accessible reading app for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness.’

This app has better accessibility than most apps and is relatively easy to add books from different library. Supports the RNIB Overdrive programme if you have a login. If not, as other free books that can be read out using Voiceover or built-in synthetic sounding reader. Also supports audio books.


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