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Innovation Horizons are a useful way of encouraging forward-thinking outside of the box of of market penetration in existing markets using existing technologies. The concept was developed in Innovation Tournaments by...

The Backlash against Google Glass has rightly started – you can prepare with these badges from Stop The Cyborgs. They’re not technophobes, but want to call out the challenges of this technology – for...

How 50 of the top online businesses make money – a cool interactive tool for lecturers and students of digital marketing.

Also from Google… emergentfutures: Google: Self-driving cars in 3-5 years. Feds: Not so fast The self-driving car could be available to consumers in 3-5 years, the head of Google’s autonomous driving project says...

It was nice to receive this Twitpic from Sarah Woodman of the new edition of Emarketing Excellence in use for serious bedtime reading.
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