Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) or structured testing programme

Improving the commercial returns from a website through increasing conversion to key goals such as sales, quotes or bookings or leads. CRO combines customer and competitor research with evaluation of customer be-haviour using web analytics and AB and multivariate testing.

Content marketing strategy creation

Content strategy The management of text, rich media, audio and video content aimed at engaging customers and prospects to meet business goals published through print and digi-tal media including web and mobile platforms which is repurposed and syndicated to different forms of web presence such as publisher sites, blogs, social media and comparison sites.

Content audit

A structured review of the effectiveness of different content types and formats to meet the needs of users and the businesses using quantitative and qualitative techniques. We recommend using the Content Optimization matrix and Content marketing matrix to review this

Business model review

Assess how a company will generate revenue, identifying its product offering, value-added services, revenue sources and target customers.

Always-on marketing

Continuous investment in paid, owned and earned digital media to engage prospects and customers and meet purchase intent as they research products through search, social media and publisher sites. This is in contrast to traditional campaign-based communications where budget isn’t assigned continuously.

A/B Testing

A/B or AB testing refers to testing two different versions of a page or a page element such as a heading, image or button.

The alternatives are served alternately with the visitors to the page randomly split between the two pages. Hence, it is sometimes called live split testing. Changes in visitor behaviour can then be compared using different metrics such as click-through rate on page elements like buttons or images, or macro-conversion rates, such as conversion to sale or sign-up.

AB testing is aimed at increasing page or site effectiveness against key performance indicators including click-through rate, conversion rates and revenue per visit. Since it does not consider combinations of variables tested, for best uplift multivariate testing is increasingly used.