Digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy defines the focus of digital marketing efforts to improve the contribution digital makes to an organization. Usually defined in a digital marketing plan and should include how digital...

Digital transformation plan

A digital transformation plan defines a long-term roadmap for changes to business and communications models, resources, structure and process to enable an organization to compete through digital marketing.

Digital capability audit

Reviewing an organizations digital capabilities involves reviewing they are deploying relevant customer communications and using the right processes and marketing technology to use digital marketing to achieve their...

Digital competence review

I use digital competence review to refer to assessing staff digital competences, i.e. their knowledge and skills of managing digital marketing. This contrasts with a digital capability audit where the characteristics of...

Digital marketing plan structure

A digital marketing plan is typically an annual plan defining improvements to digital marketing, usually including a digital marketing strategy. It can also be related to a longer digital transformation plan. The guides...

Customer engagement strategy

A strategy to encourage interaction and participation of consumers with a brand through developing content and experiences with the aim of meeting commercial objectives. It is closely related to the development of...

Customer acquisition plan

A customer acquisition plan defines the investment in marketing activities and resources to meet your goals of customer acquisition volume within a defined budget giving an allowable-cost-per-acqusition.

Budgeting for marketing

Creating a budget for marketing activities will cover different timescale and objectives, for example an annual budget, a campaign budget, a country budget, a product budget or a channel budget for always-on marketing.

Competitor analysis

Online competitor analysis should compare how the brand and marketing mix is communicated, for example brand positioning, product features and pricing. It should also review marketing campaign and always-on budgeting.

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